An overview of our services

Whether you want made-to-measure dressmaking or alterations, make sure you put your designs and materials in felicity's capable hands! 

Our services

We offer: 

  • Alterations to garment
  • Made-to-measure dressmaking
  • Clothing repairs
  • Fitting service at felicity
  • Fitting service in your home, for your convenience
  • Unfortunately our fitting service is not available at the moment due to Covid-19 restrictions

Made-to-measure dressmaking

How often have you searched the high street stores for that outfit for a special occasion, just to end up footsore and weary and come home with nothing.  Now you can contact felicity for a one-off outfit for that forthcoming wedding or family celebration, knowing that no-one else has a dress like yours.  Also, it will fit you.


felicity offers a consultation service to discuss what you are looking for, and the type of fabric that would flatter the dress or whatever garment you are wanting.  Next I take detailed measurements so the pattern is adapted to suit you.  Then we arrange a fitting for your new outfit, and make sure you are happy with everything.

Alterations and repairs to garments

felicity offers an alteration service to rectify all those clothes you have pushed to the back of the wardrobe.  None of us are the exact stock size on the label; often off-the-peg styles don't fit properly.  If you know they don't fit properly, chances are you don't feel right or comfortable in the garment, and that can spoil the occasion.
 Also, how many times has your hems needed restitching, or your zip broken?  Do you feel confident to repair it yourself?  Don't panic - let felicity help

Do you have any queries or individual requests?

Please consult our price list or go to Contact us and use the form there to forward your query.