felicity: made-to-measure dressmaking and alterations

I take dressmaking and reliability equally seriously. I alter and repair items of clothing, and small household items with absolute attention to detail - and I deliver on time. When it comes to bespoke work, naturally I'll be guided by your instructions and expectations.


I offer:

  • Alterations according to your wishes
  • Both classical hand and machine stitching, as required
  • Prompt execution of your orders
  • Friendly, personal service



About Maureen


I have been sewing and dressmaking since I was a child.  Mum taught me to sew buttons onto an off-cut of fabric before I was old enough to go to school!  I also used to sit on her knee and turn the handle of the shiny black and chrome Singer sewing machine for her when I was little.


In my teenage years we were taught to make garments at school, and this continued at home.  When my two daughters came along it was an obvious thing for me to make some of their clothes too.


Now I have taken a hobby and turned it into a business.  I started felicity in the autumn of 2010, in my spare bedroom at home.  Sometimes it is a little cramped but is quite workable!


In case you are wondering why I have called my business felicity, here is the definition of the noun 'felicity':

  • something that causes happiness,
  • a pleasing manner or quality especially in art or language <a felicity with words> 
  • an apt expression

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